Checking Your Walmart Gift Card Balance At Online

Walmart gift cards are preloaded debit cards issued by Walmart. These vouchers give you access to a variety of products at discounted rates, ranging from computers to books, furniture and even fashion items. To find out how much is left on your gift card, turn over your gift card and look for the phone number on the back. Give them a call to check your balance. Or, if you like, visit the website of the company that issued your card. Enter the 16-digit number and security code to find out how much is left on your gift card."

Budget Management:

Knowing your gift card balance helps you manage your budget to  stay within your available funds while making purchases.

Planning Purchases

You can plan your purchases  efficiently when you are aware of the remaining balance.


It enhances the security of your gift card by alerting you to any suspicious activities or unauthorized usage.

Customer Service Assistance

In case of any issues or discrepancies, having knowledge of your balance makes it easier to seek assistance from customer service

How to View Your Walmart Gift Card Balance?


1. Flip the Card: Turn your Walmart Gift Card over to find the contact information on the back. 2. Locate the Phone Number: Look for the phone number provided on the back of the card. 3. Call the Number: Dial the phone number using your phone. 4. Follow Prompts: Follow the automated prompts to enter the required details, usually the gift card number. 5. Listen for Balance: Listen to the information provided; the automated system will typically announce your remaining balance.


1. Visit the Website: Go to the official website of the company that issued your Walmart Gift Card. 2. Enter Card Details: Enter the 16-digit number on your gift card along with the security code on the website. 3. Check Balance Online: After entering the details, the website will display your current gift card balance.

How can you replace a stolen or lost Walmart gift card?

Contact Walmart Customer Service:

Call Walmart's customer service at the provided phone number (usually found on their website). Report the loss or theft of your gift card. Provide any information they request, such as the original purchase receipt if available, to help with the replacement process.

Visit a Walmart Store:

Go to a Walmart store and explain the situation to the customer service desk. Provide any relevant details about the lost or stolen gift card. They may be able to assist you in issuing a replacement card.

How can you get a free gift card from Walmart?

Obtaining a free gift card from Walmart typically involves participating in promotions, surveys, or other marketing campaigns. Here are some common ways people might acquire free Walmart gift cards:


Promotional Offers:

Keep an eye on promotional events or special offers from Walmart. They occasionally run promotions where you can receive a free gift card with a purchase or as a bonus for specific transactions.


Surveys and Market Research:

Participate in online surveys or market research studies. Some companies offer free Walmart gift cards as incentives for providing feedback or completing surveys.


Contests and Giveaways:

Enter contests or giveaways that are offering Walmart gift cards as prizes. Follow Walmart's official social media accounts or participate in online promotions for a chance to win.


Online Shopping Portals:

Use online shopping portals or apps that offer cashback or gift cards for purchases made through their platforms.


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